puya ceramics


Hi, I’m Puya. I was made in California and now I make in London (yes I miss the sun). Here’s a little bit more about me and my pots. The name Puya is Persian and it means ‘dynamic’ or ‘seeker’ (yes and Aquarius so, yes), I’ve dabbled in pottery for many a year now, having started in high school and picking it up more seriously in my early 30’s.

puya ceramics was born out of my three main passions – pots, plants and problem-solving. My main schtick is the hydrochannel system I devised for my plant pots. It’s an internal reservoir at the base of the pots so you don’t need a plate underneath or a crappy plastic pot inside. While wheel throwing is my main practice, I do dabble in a little slip casting (hello tea lights). I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole of developing my own glazes and can often be seen lurking in the glaze shed mumbling to myself about glaze recipes. As well as making, I also teach, and I’m technician – yes gentlemen, he’s an all-rounder.

I hope you enjoy checking out my pots as much as you’ve enjoyed checking me out.

hands making a ceramic pot on a pottery wheel for puya ceramics