puya ceramics

I’m Puya – originally from California with some Iranian looks but now very much a Londoner. I make in East London.

For the moment, only the UK. Sorry to all my international fans but I got to start small and work my way up.

I’ll be using First Class Signed For via Royal Mail for tea lights and DPD for everything else with a delivery time of about 2-5 days. Though as they say, these have been unprecedented times (wow I miss precedented times) so delivery times may vary if something has gone amok.

For sure! I’m based in E2 so just choose the pick-up option at checkout and I’ll be in touch to organise. If you’re lucky I might even throw a plant in there from my personal nursery (aka kitchen table).

I’ll do periodic stock updates when I feel I’ve got enough to sell. I’ll make sure to scream about it on my Instagram so check there for the most up-to-date info.

You break it, you bought it. No, but seriously, I’ll happily take returns 3 days after delivery for any unused pots. I won’t be able to pay for return shipping / postage, sorry!

Not regularly but I’m always up for a chat about something interesting. Give me a shout at hello@puyaceramics.com

While I try to keep everything in stock, sometimes I just can’t keep up with demand. Just email me and I’ll try and make it for you if I’ve got capacity to do so.

Unfortunately not, if you’re using it in a place where water might turn to ice it could possibly burst the hydrochannel and that’s not a look.

You bet your ass it is. Always look up what kind of conditions your plant needs and water accordingly. My hydrochannel system is great but doesn’t compensate for negligent plant parenting.

First off, please try and be more queer. Second, they’re plant pots just look at the pics and buy them.

Definitely not me. The incredibly talented Khandiz is the one! She’s a Creative Sustainableist, meaning that everything she does is made to inspire and support others in making better choices for people and Planet. Check out her work at – http://www.vujadecreative.solutions/

You’re damn right I didn’t! I am so very lucky to have two powerfully talented women bring my pots to life via photography. Katie Hammond (@katiehammond_photography / katiehammond.co.uk) is the photographer and Nu Valado (@nuvalado / nuvalado.com) is the creative consultant / stylist. Thank you both so so much.

One of my very lovely work wives, Azem, made it for me and I can’t thank him enough (thank you boo).