puya ceramics

the hydrochannel

It’s not just neglect that can kill your plants. Overwatering is also a surefire way of making you question your ability to sustain life. That’s why most plant pots have a hole/plate at the bottom or a gross plastic pot inside. All puya ceramics plant pots to have Puya’s innovative hydrochannel system so you can plant straight into the pot.

Hydrochannel planters are thrown in one piece and have an invisible hollow channel that runs along the circumference of the bottom of the pot. Drainage channels on the inside and outside of the pot connect the hidden hydrochannel. So not only can with this help your plant thrive, it’ll look good while doing it.

how it works

hydrochannel illustration

The hidden hydrochannel fills up with water. Excess water evaporates or be poured out through drainage holes.

illustration of puya ceramics hydrochannel

Remaining water in the hydrochannel gets absorbed by the roots.